Our lives have been turned upside down during this pandemic, and I want as many people as possible to have opportunities to systematically reevaluate and set things in your life how you want them.

In the course "How to Stop Yelling," you'll learn just that: how to stop yelling. If you're a mom who loses it on the regular, you're not alone. Thankfully, there are adjustments you can make that will build a closer connection with your child and help you to yell less frequently.

In the course "Listen Up: How to Get Your Kids to Listen," you'll learn actionable steps you can take to actually get your kids to listen to you!

In the course, "Find Your Strengths," you'll get down to the heart of who you are. You'll see yourself in a new light -- a strong light; a proud light. You'll find interests and talents you forgot about, or didn't know you have. And you'll learn how to put those to use in a way that makes you happy.

And like each of my individual courses, if you have been severely economically impacted by the pandemic but KNOW these courses could help you, please email me with brief details about your situation at [email protected]. I have scholarships available.

*Because these courses are digital information, refunds will only be offered if you are dissatisfied after the first lesson of the course. Once the second lesson is available in your account, refunds will no longer be available.

Hi, I’m Rebecca Brown Wright

I'm Rebecca Brown Wright, and I believe you're doing a better job at momming than you probably think. My goal is to convince you to see yourself as valuable, strong, and ENOUGH.

Connection makes the world go round, and I create resources for moms to better connect with themselves and to form deep and meaningful connections with their children.

Behavior changes at the point of connection. Come along, and I'll show you how to connect in effective ways that transform the behavior in your home.

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