You know the feeling.

Your chest tightens. 

Your brain goes fuzzy. 

You feel your face go hot.

And then… explosion!

You yell, because gosh darn it, life is freaking hard sometimes. Especially now.

You’re NOT a bad mom. 

Not even close.

But you wish you didn’t yell so often. 

You wish your kids would respond BEFORE you get to that chest-tightening, fuzzy-brain, hot-faced place.

You know there’s a better way to communicate, but for cryin’ out loud, it’s so hard sometimes!

I know this, because I used to live in the place of constant explosion. My kids yelled, I yelled, we all yelled.

I spent countless hours researching better ways, and finally came up with a 5-step process to help us all stop yelling.

This is the course I WISH I had when I was feeling like there was no hope for me. When I was feeling like the meanest mom on the planet, I needed THIS course.

“How to Stop Yelling” will NOT turn you into a totally-Zen, mild-mannered, sweet and innocent bunny.

But it WILL give you strength, power, and tools to help you yell less.

There are simple things you can do that make a BIG difference in how you handle your frustration level as a mom.

How Does It Work?

I want you to ENJOY this course; to actually look forward to it! And most importantly, I don't want to take up all of your precious time.

I want you to get REAL results without guilt and without a huge investment of time.

That's why this course comes with short, actionable audio lessons to make it easy to quickly digest the life-changing information.

You can also read the transcript if you’re not up for audio.

You’re a busy mom, and I want to make this easy for you.

The lessons cover mindset shifts and actionable tips you can enact right-this-second to reduce your yelling today.

Everything is laid out in an easy-to-digest format -- no guessing about what you need to do with the information.

With each lesson, you also get a work-it-out sheet to drill down on what’s going on with yourself, with your kids, and how to make the changes you desperately want to make.

The work-it-out sheet is key, because this is where you figure out exactly how the principles will work in YOUR life.

You'll also get a free printable with each lesson to stick to your mirror to remind you of what you learned. 

It goes like this:

  • Listen to (or read) the lesson. Learn new things, get new ideas, feel your mind expand on how to make this work for you -- without guilt. I insist on this.

  • Get quiet and answer the questions in the work-it-out sheet. Come to understand yourself and children on a deeper level. Drill down on your action steps to yell less. Here, your action steps will become even more concrete.

  • Stick the printable to your mirror or fridge (or anywhere) so you are reminded of EXACTLY what you’re working on to help you yell less. This way, it stays top of mind so you can really make sure you make the changes you want to make.

  • Repeat with the next lessons. 

  • Live a life of less yelling!

This course sells for $99, which is a STEAL when you consider the patience, happiness, and peace you’re buying.

$99 to confidence in yourself as a mom. $99 to peace in your home.

And because I believe this knowledge is so life-saving -- especially right now during this time of uncertainty -- I’m offering scholarships to those who have been severely economically impacted because of the pandemic.

If you know this program is what you need to reclaim peace in your home, but you’ve been hit hard financially, send me an email at [email protected] with brief details about your situation.

I want to help.

I have scholarships available.

Otherwise, sign up for just $99 right now.

Don’t miss out. This is the solution you need right now.

*And scroll down to see how to bundle my three courses for an even better deal.

*Because this course is digital information, refunds will only be offered if you are dissatisfied after the first lesson of the course. Once you have begun the second lesson, refunds will no longer be available. But I'm confident you won't need a refund. After just one lesson, you'll already see a transformation.

Hi, I’m Rebecca Brown Wright

I'm Rebecca Brown Wright, and I believe you're doing a better job at momming than you probably think. My goal is to convince you to see yourself as valuable, strong, and ENOUGH.

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